Barefoot Investor Review and #barefootsakurachallenge

Barefoot Investor Review and #Barefootsakurachallenge

The Barefoot Investor

Barefoot InvestorAbout two weeks ago I was getting ready to go to Hanoi Vietnam for the 2017 APEC Workshop – Linking Education and Start-up: Youth, Women, and Athletes. I spent about a month preparing my presentation and kept practising it to my girlfriend most nights before I travelled.

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Like any other trip I have been on, I usually purchase a brand new book, and for this occasion, I bought The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape. You can buy the book at Amazon or go to your local bookshop.

I was in my finance brokering workshop when another class member first mentioned The Barefoot Investor. Previously to this, I hadn’t heard anything about Scott Pape, and I didn’t even realise he wrote a column for the newspaper.

I still don’t know which paper he writes for; I really should google that.

The book is an easy financial blueprint to follow, and Scott explains it in an easy, relaxed tone that is simple to understand, and you can easily get through the material over a weekend.

It took me five days because I got distracted with all the sightseeing.

The Barefoot Investor Blueprint consists of 9 easy steps:

Step 1 – Schedule a Monthly Barefoot Date Night
Step 2 – Set Up Your Buckets
Step 3 – Domino Your Debts
Step 4 – Buy Your Home
Step 5 – Supercharge Your Wealth
Step 6 – Boost Your MOJO to Three Months
Step 7 – Get the Banker Off Your Back
Step 8 – Nail Your Retirement Number
Step 9 – Leave a Legacy

Eventually, over many $3 Vietnamese beers, I finished the book, and I made a decision that I was going to do a Barefoot Investor challenge.
I loved that the processes were simple to follow and I thought it would be great to document some of my hurdles when faced with implementing the Barefoot Investor blueprint.

The Barefoot Investor Challenge

Like any good challenge, I want other people to join in the conversation and for this challenge, I will use the #barefootsakurachallenge.

If you are someone that has read this book and wants to join in on this challenge feel free to comment and write any hurdles you faced while doing the challenge and don’t forget to use the #barefootsakurachallenge.

Or how about you 

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