How To Practice Gratitude

In this blog, I look at a very practical way to practise gratitude. Recently I heard a very simple step that everyone can follow. The acronym is GEBY. Gratitude Exercise Breakfast Yourself Gratitude Being grateful or showing gratitude is one of the most powerful things that you can do. It illustrates a sense of abundance Read more about How To Practice Gratitude[…]

The Cloud Appreciation Society

The Cloud Appreciation Society Have you ever thought to stop look up and stare at the clouds? The Cloud Appreciation Society will make you want to change your mind. About a month ago after a Collingwood victory my girlfriend picked me up from the MCG, and we went to my friend’s farm out at Korrumburra Read more about The Cloud Appreciation Society[…]

What is the Positive Impact of Playing Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go For those of you, that have been living under a rock there has been a game that has taken the world or taken over the streets. It is called Pokemon Go. Download the game here. What is Pokemon Go? In July 2016 Pokémon Go was released, and it is a free-to-play location-based augmented Read more about What is the Positive Impact of Playing Pokemon Go?[…]

Best Meditation Techniques

For many years being an elite athlete I was always visualising my 400m races and constantly imagining me running the big races in my mind. As a result, when it came to competition time I had executed my race that many times I was not nervous and knew exactly what to do on the big Read more about Best Meditation Techniques[…]

Different Techniques To Set Effective Goals

Different Techniques To Set Effective Goals There are multiple different techniques to establish goals in life or business, in today’s blog post I have compiled some different techniques I have discovered and use to set effective goals. How to Establish A “Smart” Goal? Have you ever heard of a “Smart” Goal? It isn’t that the Read more about Different Techniques To Set Effective Goals[…]

Hello, Sean Wroe Here!

Hello, Sean Wroe Here! I wanted to put my first blog together quickly and explain what I wanted to do with the site. My hope is that you “Realise Your Full Potential” and become better versions of yourselves. I believe that there are six laws of focus that we can concentrate on to have the Read more about Hello, Sean Wroe Here![…]