Step 1 – Schedule a Monthly Barefoot Date Night – #barefootsakurachallenge

Step 1 – Schedule a Monthly Barefoot Date Night – #barefootsakurachallenge

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Barefoot InvestorBarefoot Investor
Step 1 – Schedule a Monthly Barefoot Date Night – is the first phase from The Barefoot Investor, by Scot Pape and it seems to be the easiest to follow. The concept is simple every month you set up Barefoot Date Night with your partner. If you are single, you can also follow this step, and instead of a partner, you can find a friend or a family member you respect and work through the book together.

Before you move your date night to once a month, you will need to set up everything, by doing your Barefoot Date night five weeks in a row.

Once the Barefoot Investor system is configured, then you change the dates back to once a month, and you should stick by this to keep your finances in check. Once a month is a very simple commitment; currently, it is about the same commitment that I have towards my gym at the moment.

Scott from The Barefoot Investor gives three reasons you should stop what you’re doing and schedule your first Barefoot Date Night immediately.

  • First, because it’ll make you happier
    Psychologists are unanimous in saying that spending time with your family and friends is a direct predictor of wellbeing – and hands down the best things you can do for your relationship. Also, the number one strain on any relationships is money/finances so spend the time building something together which moves onto his next point.


  • Second, because it’s the two of you against the world
    Building a future with your partner is very much this point. You are in a partnership, and you should have each other back when it comes to your finances, applying for jobs and raising those little rascals, oh and looking after those dogs.


  • Third, because there’s no such thing as a ‘get rich quick.’
    Trust me I was a sucker once for this when I saw these scams online, and as I’ve gotten older and read plenty of books, this is to be true. I now think back to my athletics days and remember what my coach would say, “the whole point of training is to put money in the bank account”. When it is time to compete, I can withdraw all the money in the bank account and use it to perform well on the day. Training is similar to your finances; your results will take time, and at first, it might seem there is no result, but be patient and stick it out.

Step 1 – Schedule a Monthly Barefoot Date Night Hurdles

Although this is a simple step, I do have a difficulty with this phase. I purchased this book as I was heading to Hanoi Vietnam for an APEC workshop. It is a book that is easy to read, and you can end up reading a couple of chapters, and you would not have noticed the time pass. I guess, when you are away, you have time to read and catch up on things, and I got a little obsessed with this book.
I would often talk or message my girlfriend about this book, and I think after a couple of days of harping on about this my book, I may have turned off my sweetheart to start The Barefoot Investor date night challenge.
I’m hoping that we can launch the date nights, but this time I will casually suggest the date nights again.

The Barefoot Investor Challenge

Like any good challenge, I want other people to join in the conversation and for this challenge, I will use the #barefootsakurachallenge.

If you are someone that has read this book and wants to join in on this challenge feel free to comment and write any hurdles you faced while doing the challenge and don’t forget to use the #barefootsakurachallenge.

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