WYOPO 013: Tim Williams & Tim Varney of Bureaux Collective

First, apologies for the short hiatus I had during the Melbourne Cup. I’m back and caught up with two Tims. Tim Williams and Tim Varney are the guests on the 13th episode of Win Your Own Personal Olympics. Tim Williams and Tim Varney of Bureaux Collective gives just about anyone the capability to roast their[…]

WYOPO 012: Alicia Tang – Head Physiotherapist with The English National Women’s Football Team

On the 12th episode of Win Your Own Personal Olympics Podcast my guest this week is my close friend and “half-sister”, Alicia Tang.  Alicia Tang is the head physiotherapist for the English National Women’s Football team. Born in Melbourne, she is part Australian and part Malaysian Chinese, with a master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy and[…]

WYOPO 011: Ninna Larsen – Director of Reground

Ninna Katrine Larsen – Director of Reground, is this week’s podcast guest on the 11th episode of Win Your Own Personal Olympics. Ninna founded Reground with a vision of making the world a more sustainable place through used coffee grounds. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ninna moved to Australia in 2012. It is in[…]

WYOPO 010: Darren Hart aka HARTS – Smoke Fire Hope Desire

For WYOPO’s 10th episode, the guest is Darren Hart, better known to the music world as HARTS. Harts is a one-man-musical powerhouse; musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer. His rise to fame goes as far back as high school where he replied to a school newsletter ad to drum lessons which then sparked the[…]

WYOPO 009: Tony and Natasha Ferreira – Owners of Tonys Quality Meat and Fincor Services.

On the 9th episode of WYOPO, my guest is the inspiring couple of Tony and Natasha Ferreira. Together they have built Tonys Quality Meat and Fincor Services. Tony and Natasha, originally from South Africa, migrated to Australia with hopes of seizing better opportunities for their entire family, and to get away from the increasing crime[…]

WYOPO 008: Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, Childhood Mates and Co-Founders of Memobottle

Memobottle is the brainchild of Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt. Jesse is a renowned product designer, engineer, and lecturer dedicated to sustainability. Meanwhile, Jonathan is a charismatic, financial consultant and accountant with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. The duo grew up in the coastal town of Red Hill. Their friendship involved surfing where they saw[…]

WYOPO 005: With Two of Florrie Founders – Jemima Bentley and Melody Sole

On WYOPO’s 5th instalment, the guests are Jemima Bentley and Melody Sole, who together with Elizabeth King founded Florrie. Florrie began in December 2015, they specialise in dolls, and the store allows little girls to find a doll and dress their dolls exactly like them. Listen to this 40-minute podcast where Jemima and Melody discussed their[…]

WYOPO 004: Golden Grind Founders – Tahli Watts, Renny Watts and Sage Greenwood

Today’s guests on episode four of WYOPO are the creators of Golden Grind Tahli Watts, Renny Watts and Sage Greenwood. Tahli is a certified nutrition scientist, while her husband Renny graduated with a degree in Business Marketing and is a sportsman. Sage is a model, lawyer and number cruncher and is also Tahli’s younger sister.[…]