WYOO 014: Jade Hamilton – Australian Landlord Institute

Jade Hamilton - Australian Landlord Institute

WYOO 014: Jade Hamilton – Australian Landlord Institute

I apologise if I was off the grid for a bit. I have been busy for a while, with some shifts in my life focus it started from the end of last year, but I’m back with a new episode!

Speaking of shifts, you might have noticed a bit of change in the podcast branding. I have decided to make the name snappier and straightforward. Another change is we’ll be doing regular monthly podcasts episodes.

While I was gone, I worked on becoming a Finance Broker. It took me a month to get basic training, and a few more months trying to figure out the best path to take in this field.

In this light, my guest today is a young entrepreneur, Jade Hamilton. Jade is the founder of Australian Landlord Institute. She’s a licensed real estate agent, co-author of the book She Leads, and a champion of tying up culture and entrepreneurship in her endeavours.

In this episode with Jade Hamilton – Australian Landlord Institute, Jade and I discussed:

  • A short catch up(for those who’ve been following the podcast) or introduction (for those who have just started tuning in) where I gave you the backstory on my journey to being a Finance Broker (02:33).
  • How a homage to my heritage, the symbolism of growth, wordplay and homonyms gave rise Sakura Finance (04:23).
  • A brief background on Jade Hamilton and her quest to bring vibrant culture into the housing market and teach young people about wealth and investment (06:01).
  • What Jade’s grateful for (08:59), a book she recommends (10:02), and the story behind our meeting (which yet again involved Uber) (10:56).
  • Jade’s early start in the world of real estate investing, the challenges she’s encountered, and paying forward by creating a support group for first-time landlords (12:37).
  • Having a trained real estate agent for a mom who laid out the foundations (17:09) and finding new mentors through self-learning and networking (22:14).
  • The systems and strategies Jade Hamilton developed and employed for her business(17:47), as well as the benefits of setting in place a cloud-based property system to manage properties, communicate with tenants and deal with administrative aspects of her business (31:28).
  • The number of properties she currently owns, and the buy, renovate, sell scheme she utilized to maximize income (19:48).
  • The general landscape of real estate development in Newcastle, the lessons she’s learned with her most current project in the area, and dealing temporarily ‘dormant’ properties to manage costs while waiting for approvals to get things up and running (23:07).
  • Tips for people who are starting to venture on real estate investments, insights on the positive and negative geared investments debate, and the reason why she sticks with property investing (27:04).
  • The process of writing for the book She Leads, where she was the chosen influencer for a chapter on wealth and investing (33:05).
  • Jade’s advice for anyone trying to Win Their Own Olympics (35:36).

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The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

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