WYOPO 005: With Two of Florrie Founders – Jemima Bentley and Melody Sole

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On WYOPO’s 5th instalment, the guests are Jemima Bentley and Melody Sole, who together with Elizabeth King founded Florrie.

Florrie began in December 2015, they specialise in dolls, and the store allows little girls to find a doll and dress their dolls exactly like them.

Listen to this 40-minute podcast where Jemima and Melody discussed their start-up struggles and successes; and a series of hits and misses in the niche, but excellent products and services has been offering for the past nine months and much more to come.

In this podcast with the start-up mavens of Florrie, you’ll learn about:

  • Jemima and Melody’s recommended reads (3:05).
  • How Uber played a significant role in meeting Melody and Jemima (4:16).
  • What is Florrie is all about (6:33).
  • The “science” entailed in coming up with skin colour – hair colour – eye colour combination for the Florrie dolls (8:15).
  • Their background and how they got along together and how they took a leap of faith (10:00).
  • The multiple ideas initially conceptualised (11:52) and how travelling gave them the inspiration to finally launch Florrie (13:21).
  • The process of designing and manufacturing the dolls (15:45), as well as finding the quality and craftsmanship in a supplier (18:34).
  • Finding their store site and how the three played a significant role in designing the space (24:10).
  • How trial-and-error was the main non-strategy of the business for a few months (20:50).
  • The help of social media to get the business out in the market and to capture customer engagement (23:01).
  • Their online store that caters to NZ, US, UK and Canada (29:43).
  • Their long-term goal for expansion within Australia, and also penetrating the asian market (30:14).
  • Sage advice on Winning your Personal Olympics (35:29).

Florrie’s colourful narratives also were shared about:

  • The philology of the name and the symbolism in the logo (6:47).
  • A pile of dolls in David Jones that sparked the flame needed to jumpstart their leap of faith (14:28).
  • How a lot of googling, and DHL-ing paved the way to finding the perfect supplier (16:44).
  • Consuming sandwiches from breakfast to dinner (21:24).
  • How their doubts had them seeking professionals in the beginning, but ending up deciding that they just need to trust their vision – marketing and design-wise (25:29).
  • How the males factor in the whole doll scene (33:06).


Website: www.florrie.com.au
Facebook: @florriegirls
Instagram: @florriegirls

Address:  1152 High Street, Armadale
Phone Number: (03) 9509 1546

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