WYOPO 006: Seb Lindner – Short Stays Victoria, Author of Overnight Success

WYOPO 006: - Seb Lindner

On the 6th episode of WYOPO, my guest is Seb Lindner, a good friend and owner of Short Stays Victoria. Seb has a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship, worked for a Real Estate Agency before venturing into his first business Artreck.

He then stumbled upon Airbnb and started leasing and subletting apartments across Melbourne. His experience with Airbnb is also the main subject of his newly released e-book, Overnight Success.

Now, he is exploring the concept of Urban Agriculture and looking at building the first Indoor Vegetable Farm in Melbourne.

This episode delves into Seb’s past, present and future ventures. He discusses his passion for entrepreneurship, the details he considers when considering setting up businesses, his motivation and his advice on how we all can win our personal Olympics.

In this podcast with Seb Lindner you’ll learn about:

  • Things he is most grateful to have in his life (3:48).
  • Books which influenced him and he recommend others to read (4:20).
  • History and background on how he ended up managing Airbnb properties (5:48).
  • How the Airbnb business model works (20:23) and tips to people considering Airbnb as an income source (21:51).
  • What motivated Seb Lindner into writing an e-book and the challenges of doing so (26:23).
  • How the idea of urban farming was introduced to him (32:22) and his business plan to get urban agriculture up and running (36:51).
  • What Winning Your Own Personal Olympics means (40:45).

Seb Lindner’s other fascinating accounts talked about in the podcast, some of which are:

  • How the National Sports Museum played a huge part in our friendship (5:03).
  • Recalling his first Airbnb account setting up his profile and the income he receives (10:51).
  • The most unglamorous facet of Airbnb (15:45) and his employee hiring philosophy (16:27).
  • How his Sundance Festival trip proven the efficiency and quality of Airbnb’s customer service (24:37).


Email: seb@propagate.io

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Seb Linder’s ebook
Seb LindnerSeb Lindner

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Seb Lindner“I am an inspiring, visionary, expert, entrepreneur and performer, influencing and helping others in the world to live passionate, engaging, positive-minded lives and getting everyone to “Win Their Own Personal Olympics.””

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