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Sean Wroe

On lucky number 7 of Win Your Own Personal Olympics with Sean Wroe, we will be flipping the tables by having one of my previous guests, playing the host role. Luke Wallace from episode number two interviews me while I am on the hot seat playing interviewee.

In this episode, Luke and I discussed my life as an athlete, an employee, an entrepreneur and a son. Luke digs deep on the many challenges I went through to win my personal Olympics and persevering to win even more in life. He then uncovers my goals, and my tendency to see the silver lining out of any situation.

In this podcast with Sean Wroe, we learn about my point of view and thoughts about:

  • My Source of gratefulness (2:14) and things that make me smile (6:30).
  • My motivation and goal to start this podcast (3:06), and the challenges I faced trying to get this launched (4:40; 7:08).
  • A normal frantic day for me (8:02).
  • The 2012 Olympics and withdrawing from it due to appendicitis (11:16).
  • Transitioning from being a full-time athlete to a full-time career at Uniqlo (12:30).
  • Working for Uniqlo (a brand that originated in Japan), the challenges that come with cultural differences and misalignment of corporate vs. personal values (14:11).
  • The delicate balance of fulfilling personal and communal goals (18:15).
  • The realisation that the sport is no longer in my heart (20:57).
  • How coaching in Haileybury made appreciate sport again (8:29).
  • How sharing skills and knowledge has proven to be a more rewarding personal experience (22:28; 31:22).
  • The lessons I learned working in a global company (23:24) and applying these to my current situation as an entrepreneur (24:04).
  • My quest to find mentors in the business side of things, while Eric Hollingsworth currently fills out the role of my athletic mentor (29:47).
  • My piece of advice to anyone trying to Win Their Own Personal Olympics (36:06).

Also, hear about some of Sean Wroe’s anecdotes about:

  • The current book I am reading (2:20).
  • Pretending to pass Craig Mottram and his training squad uphill landed me a coaching gig (8:29).
  • The cost of a gym membership in Singapore (13:08).
  • Growing up in a multi-cultural family (25:05).
  • Catching a baseball mid-conversation with a reporter in Osaka in 2007 (26:27).
  • Winning a MacBook Air in a dance-off in 2015 (33:30).
  • How a burglary incident made me appreciate my experiences deeper (35:00).


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