WYOPO 008: Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, Childhood Mates and Co-Founders of Memobottle

Sean Wroe - WYOPO 008: Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, Childhood Mates and Co-Founders of Memobottle

Memobottle is the brainchild of Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt. Jesse is a renowned product designer, engineer, and lecturer dedicated to sustainability. Meanwhile, Jonathan is a charismatic, financial consultant and accountant with a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

The duo grew up in the coastal town of Red Hill. Their friendship involved surfing where they saw first-hand how disposable water bottles destroyed the ocean. This was the inspiration for Memobottle – a reusable water bottle that mimics the international paper sizes so it is convenient to store alongside notebooks and laptops. The novel idea of Memobottle won international design awards and was even chosen to be given away in Oscar’s gift bags, and is now sold to 70 different countries.

They pair are living nomadic lifestyles, travelling and operating a business in the remotest areas of the world, a luxury few get to experience. To pay it forward, they donate a portion of their profits to water.org, providing access to safe water thousands of people.

The episode expounds on Jesse and Jonathan’s business style and advocacy for a sustainable environment.

Some of the highlights of the show from Memobottle are as follows:

  • Learn about what the duo appreciate most about their lives (5:25).
  • Hear about their recommended book titles (6:20).
  • How I found out about Memobottle and started connecting with them (7:50).
  • Their childhood, growing up in Red Hill, how they lived together despite choosing different careers. Finally diverging paths due to careers but always constantly keeping in touch (8:55).
  • Their frustration on single-use water bottles and its impact on the environment, which drove Jesse to research about it for Uni (10:28).
  • The number of revisions done on the Memobottle and the effort it took to manufacture the award-winning design (12:51).
  • How Kickstarter works, and the free market research insight Kickstarter provided to their concept (13:49).
  • The struggle to meet the expectations and keep up with the demand of the people who provided the funding on Kickstarter (14:51).
  • How they juggled big projects with their full-time jobs and starting Memobottle requiring long days and nights (17:10).
  • An epiphany-inducing trip to LA where a TV interview sparked the fire that they needed to go all-out with Memobottle (18:30).
  • What their plans and visions are, for product development and expansion – both domestic and overseas (21:00), and continually pushing for environmental responsibility (24:12).
  • The ‘Best Job Ever ‘campaign to get their brand out to find a sales person who’ll travel the world to identify the best retail stores to stock Memobottle in (21:44).
  • How they traverse their nomadic lifestyles and the communication channels they use to keep in touch (25:28).
  • What’s the perfect Memobottle to bring in a music festival (20:20) according to me.


Website: www.memobottle.com
Facebook: memobottle
Instagram: @memobottle

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