WYOPO 009: Tony and Natasha Ferreira – Owners of Tonys Quality Meat and Fincor Services.

Sean Wroe - Tonys Quality MeatOn the 9th episode of WYOPO, my guest is the inspiring couple of Tony and Natasha Ferreira. Together they have built Tonys Quality Meat and Fincor Services.

Tony and Natasha, originally from South Africa, migrated to Australia with hopes of seizing better opportunities for their entire family, and to get away from the increasing crime rates in South Africa.

Tony started as a qualified butcher in South Africa 26 years ago in a family-ran butcher shop with sit down café and deli. 

Meanwhile, Natasha is an accounting professional for the last 20 years. The couple, together with their three children migrated to Australia back in 2008 where they started their lives anew.

This episode will walk you through their struggles migrating to Australia, the reasons for migrating, and the efforts they went through to establish their business, Tonys Quality Meat and Fincor Services.

In this podcast with owners of Tonys Quality Meat and Fincor Services you will learn:

  • What Natasha is most grateful for (5:05).
  • The books that Natasha thinks the youth should be able to read early on (5:33).
  • Meeting through Uber and how Natasha views first impressions (6:11).
  • Recalling what it was like moving to Australia 10 years ago (7:45), arriving in Mackay without knowing anyone (12:47), and remembering the experience of not knowing which grocery items to buy because it was so different (13:45).
  • The exploitation both Tony and Natasha went through working with the 457 visa in Mackay (9:19).
  • A chance to move to Melbourne with a business opportunity with a partner and how it turned out (10:42).
  • How the family stood upon migrating, coping and setting milestones for getting a 457, to obtaining permanent residency and finally citizenship (15:04).
  • The better education and job opportunities in Australia that their children can experience (16:09).
  • A personal encounter illustrating the criminality in South Africa that had Natasha scared for her family (18:33).
  • The South African delicacy Biltong, how it is processed (32:53), how Tony learned to make it (33:42), and how their meat business is thriving (24:10).
  • Natasha getting in the industry of immigration, and how her empathy kicks in as she helps people migrate to Australia and how she sees immigration as an area which can assist the Australian economy (27:18).


Website: www.tonysqualitymeat.com.au
Website: www.fincorservices.com
Address: Factory 1 291 Wickam Road,
Moorabbin, Victoria
Phone number: (03) 9557 7887
Email: info@tonysqualitymeat.com.au

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Tonys Quality MeatTonys Quality Meat

Temporary Skilled Work / 457 Visa

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