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For WYOPO’s 10th episode, the guest is Darren Hart, better known to the music world as HARTS.
Harts is a one-man-musical powerhouse; musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer. His rise to fame goes as far back as high school where he replied to a school newsletter ad to drum lessons which then sparked the musical fire waiting inside him to ignite.

His musical style which may be aptly described as Prince and Jimi Hendrix’s love child is an awesome pop-funk-rock dream. An anecdote from Prince himself, cemented Harts spot in the industry when Prince said that Harts reminded him of how he was at that age. Currently doing local and international tours, his 2nd album Smoke Fire Hope Desire landed quite impressively on the music charts and garnered positive reviews.

This episode will narrate how he started, struggled, persevered and finally won in the music scene, so listen to all the guitar-driven riffs and raves from Harts.

In this podcast with Harts you will learn:

  • What Harts is most grateful for (6:27), and where we first met (7:44).
  • What role peer pressure played in getting him into music (10:10), what inspired him to make music (11:15), and how self-teaching affected his creativity and musicality (12:15).
  • How the internet helped him to get his material out, and how the music industry got hold of him (13:47).
  • The moment he got signed by a major label, the struggles, and long process of getting his music out (16:09).
  • About the moment he got a call from Prince (19:40; 22:30), and the surreal turn of events to finally visiting Prince’s estate – Paisley Park (21:20).
  • The lessons he learned from Prince, and the guidance he received on artistic direction and personal branding (26:20).
  • Why he’d rather do everything on his album (29:58), and understand his creative process (31:07).
  • A snapshot of the rock star life (33:52), touring, and the groupies (35:23).
  • His advice for everyone trying to win their personal Olympics (28:06).


Website: www.hartsmusic.com
Facebook: hartsmusic
Twitter: @harts_
Instagram: @hartsmusic
YouTube: Harts
iTunes: Harts

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Music by Jenna Kyle out of Brooklyn, NY.

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