WYOPO 011: Ninna Larsen – Director of Reground

Sean Wroe - WYOPO 011: Ninna Larsen - Director of Reground

Ninna Katrine Larsen – Director of Reground, is this week’s podcast guest on the 11th episode of Win Your Own Personal Olympics. Ninna founded Reground with a vision of making the world a more sustainable place through used coffee grounds.

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ninna moved to Australia in 2012. It is in Melbourne where she remotely took her last subject towards her University Degree in Design, Culture and Economics from the University of Southern Denmark. This degree was the foundation of her interest in creative businesses. With the big coffee culture in Melbourne, she had jobs in cafes as a barista. It is during this immersion that the eureka moment struck and saw a business opportunity and advocacy in one.

In this episode, Ninna will walk you through how she founded Reground through sheer self-determination, and a vision motivated by a bigger picture based on sustainability.

In this episode with Ninna Larsen director of Reground you’ll learn about:

  • The things Ninna is most grateful for (2:55), and her recommended book (3:40).
  • The importance of weather on her decision to move away from Denmark to Melbourne (7:52).
  • How she started Reground, what it is, and how Reground works (11:38).
  • How from being an advocacy on sustainability, Reground turned into a legitimate business. (18:04).
  • The constant mental struggle, and urge to give up that Ninna went through in the early stages of Reground (22:25).
  • The process of finding a business partner that wants to do groundwork with her, and whose values align with the corporate culture Reground is trying to build (26:57).
  • Joining and winning Start Up Victoria’s pitch night (33:24).
  • Learning Reground’s short-term and long-term business objectives (38:02).
  • The difference in sustainability between Denmark and Australia (39:19).
  • Ninna’s tips on how to become a little bit more sustainable (41:13).
  • Advise on people trying to Win Their Own Personal Olympics (43:03).


Website: www.reground.com.au
Facebook: regroundcompany
Instagram: @_reground
Email: hello@reground.com.au

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