WYOPO 012: Alicia Tang – Head Physiotherapist with The English National Women’s Football Team

Alicia Tang

On the 12th episode of Win Your Own Personal Olympics Podcast my guest this week is my close friend and “half-sister”, Alicia Tang

Alicia Tang is the head physiotherapist for the English National Women’s Football team. Born in Melbourne, she is part Australian and part Malaysian Chinese, with a master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy and Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy & Health Sciences from the La Trobe University.

In this episode, we will discuss her impressive resume working as a physiotherapist for many elite sports team, as well as the fun and exciting experiences she has gone through seizing opportunities in this field.

In this episode with Alicia Tang you will hear about:

  • What Alicia’s most grateful for, and her recommended books (3:23).

  • A story of how we met which involved the ER (4:40).

  • An account of her work history that goes from as gentle as drinking tea with old ladies, to as tough as football and ice hockey (6:19).

  • The thoughts that went through her head and the challenges that come with the offer to work in China with EXOS (14:27, 21:20).

  • The high-performance athletic training scene in Beijing, China (19:29).

  • The role of traditional Chinese medicine in training athletes, bordering on superstition and sorcery (23:08).

  • A run-down of her “Lost in Translation” narratives involving an arranged marriage, a panda, a police arrest, and realisations on her Chinese heritage (29:00, 41:03).

  • The experience being with the Chinese Olympic Team in the Rio Olympics 2016 (37:30), and being recognised as the physiotherapist for China’s superstar (42:36).

  • Her current job with Team England and her advice to anyone who is interested in the physiotherapy field (45:05).

  • Alicia Tang‘s advice she gives to anyone out to Win Their Own Personal Olympics (47:37).


LinkedIn: Alicia-Tang
Facebook: alicia.tang.83
Instagram: @leisht83

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Alicia TangAlicia Tang

Mao’s Last Dancer

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