WYOPO 013: Tim Williams & Tim Varney of Bureaux Collective

First, apologies for the short hiatus I had during the Melbourne Cup. I’m back and caught up with two Tims.

Tim Williams and Tim Varney are the guests on the 13th episode of Win Your Own Personal Olympics.

Tim Williams and Tim Varney of Bureaux Collective gives just about anyone the capability to roast their own coffee. A venture that empowers small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in starting up. Tim Williams has led speciality coffee brands across three continents on the business development side; while Tim Varney, is more inclined on the operations and quality assurance part of the speciality coffee industry.

In this episode with Tim Williams & Tim Varney of Bureaux Collective you will hear about:

  • How the three of us connected (4:08), what they are most grateful for (6:48), and their recommended reads (7:23) and music (9:54).
  • An anecdote of how the two Tims know each other Circa 2009 which involved the World Barista Championships (11:00).
  • How the World Barista Championships works, its scoring system, the number of judges, how preparing for the competition and the cost involved to join (13:00).
  • How the AeroPress Competition came into fruition involving, a third Tim, and its evolution from 2007 to what it is today (19:05).
  • The rebranding they had this year to reiterate that the AeroPress Competition is based on fun (23:31).
  • The 2016 Annual World AeroPress Champs book (25:31).
  • The concept of Bureaux Collective as an avenue for people who want to start out coffee roasting, test ideas, and start businesses minus the cost and risks of the traditional business model (26:21).
  • Know-it-all coffee customers and how they deal with these types (33:45).
  • How they found the space to put up Bureaux Collective (40:55).
  • The steps to take for someone who wants to change careers and enter the coffee industry and start roasting, and how Bureaux Collective can help the launch of your business (42:30).
  • Their grounded advice to anyone who wants to Win Their Own Personal Olympics (50:22).


Website: Bureaux Collective
World Aeropress Championships
The Annual Book
Instagram: @bureauxcollective

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Bureaux Collective

Bloomberg BusinessweekBureaux Collective

Bureaux CollectiveBureaux CollectiveNicolas Jaar – Sirens

Bureaux Collective

Bureaux CollectiveAeropress

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